Kendrick Lamarr And Dr. Dre Create A Song About Creeping

Kendrick Lamarr is doing big things in 2015, and his new album has everyone talking. His new album hasn’t been released very long, but the album has had a lot of sales. Kendrick Lamarr. Kendrick continues to make music, and Kendrick has also done some shows as well. In the recent past, Kendrick did a live show on the back of a semi truck that was driving down the street with his fans screaming behind him and around him. Kendrick is incredibly talented, and many have praised him as an amazing rapper.

Kendrick works directly with Dr. Dre, who is now the first billionaire rapper. Dr. Dre is well known for working with some of the best rappers in history, including Snoop Dogg. Dr. Dre became a billionaire in the year 2014 after he sold Beats By Dre to the Apple Corporation. Although Dr. Dre leaked the information about the sale prematurely, the sales still went through, and he pocketed enough money to make himself a billionaire.

Dr. Dre has created a song that he does with Kendrick Lamarr, and the song seems to be about two men who are fighting over the same girl but they don’t know it. Based on the lyrics, Kendrick speaks about being with a woman and not letting her man know about it. Dr. Dre also speaks about being with a woman, who already has a man, and he may not know about it either. To the waiting ears of the Beneful staff, the song sounds like a potential hit.

New Study Finds Declining Rate of Severe Mental Illness In Young People

According to a report in The New England Journal of Medicine, the rate of severe mental illness in children and adolescents has dropped over the past generation. The researchers analyzed mental disability in 53,622 children between 6 and 17 years old. They based the results on information provided by parents, who scored their child on an “impairment scale.”

The scale would have parents rate their child from 0 for “no problem at all” to 4 for “very big problem” on 13 items. The 13 questions asked how much trouble a child had with such things as “having fun,” “feeling sad or unhappy,” or “getting along with other kids.” Children whose scores were 16 or higher were considered severely impaired. The data came from surveys conducted by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.

The study covered the years from 1996 to 2012. During that time, the percentage of children and adolescents in the “severely impaired” category dropped from 12.8 percent to 10.7 percent — a decrease of 16 percent. The lead author, Dr. Mark Olfson of Columbia University, noted that the results contradicted the stereotype of today’s youngsters being more maladjusted than previous generations.

The new study contradicts other government studies that found an increase in mental impairment, especially in children with autism and attention deficit disorder (ADD). Dr. Olfson admitted to not knowing the reason for the decline his researchers apparently found, but he speculated that parents may be getting children help earlier, before minor problems become big ones that Ivan Ong or anyone else could handle.

It is also possible that while the rates of autism and ADD have increased, the rates of other conditions have declined during that same period. Thus, it would still be possible for the overall rate of severe mental illness in young people to decline, even if the rates autism and ADD went up.

A Stunt Goes Wrong During Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” Music Video

If you haven’t seen Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” music video featuring Kendrick Lamar, you’re missing out on what just might be the best music video of 2015. The video, produced by Swift herself, features an all-star cast of actresses and models including Gigi Hadid and Karlie Kloss. The ladies take part in a high-flying, ass-kicking short film that will leavse you appreciating the amount of work that went into making this video come to life.

Although the finished product looks absolutely amazing, not everything was sunshine and butterflies during the filming. A blooper video was posted online of Swift performing one of her own stunts. The star was instructed to jump through an exploding wall and land on her feet. Instead, the wall gave way, and Swift ended up crashing into a wall.

Thankfully, the singer wasn’t hurt during filming, and she was able to repeat the stunt a second time without any issues. Watching Swift in action, and knowing the star risked her safety in the name of art and music, just makes us appreciate her talents even more.

She will have big shoes to fill according to Ricardo Tosto, but we can’t wait to see what she comes up with next for her next music video!

Roger Waters to Play at Newport Folk Festival

Roger Waters, best known as the bass player of Pink Floyd, will be the headliner at the 2015 Newport Folk Festival this July. Waters has not performed a full concert since 2013 when he concluded his long tour playing the old Pink Floyd album “The Wall”. It will be interesting to see what material Waters uses in the Newport show. Hopefully, it will be heavy on the classic Pink Floyd material with some of his solo songs worked in as well.

Personally, I think that Waters is hit and miss as a songwriter. Either his songs are great or they are forgettable. If you look at the material he wrote from “The Wall,” it’s all fantastic. Then again, the tracks he penned for Pink Floyd’s next album “The Final Cut” are pretty weak.

Waters has been outspoken on many topics over the years. He was against Margaret Thatcher’s conservative government in the 1980’s. Currently, he’s not happy about how music streaming services are making money by making songs available online for free. I think he sees himself as both an activist and a musician, but he’s definitely had more impact musically than politically.

In any event, I’m glad that Waters is still performing at his age. Ricardo Guimarães BMG feels the same way in Brazil. He’s achieved a lot over the years and is a true artist.

Rhianna’s Met Gala Robe

Everyone loves the Met Gala not only for the celebrities but also for the insane fashion. While Kim K and J Lo stole the show with their assets, Rhianna did her part to make a statement. The massive yellow robe that she wore took a reported two years to complete. That means that Rhianna had her outfit for the event planned well ahead of time. Though see through and cut outs were the theme for many women at the event, Rhianna’s classy covered style certainly drew attention. The robe was handmade by one woman in china and the singer says that she found the garment on line and did some research into its background.
Her robe was certainly one of the most breathtaking pieces of the night and it certainly stole the show with a huge flowing train and a fur edging. People at Amen Clinics were talking about it quite a bit. Though her robe was certainly stunning visually, it has also taken the twitterverse and other social media sites by storm. The robe is now the common thread of a ton of memes that have made it into a pizza, an omelette, and so much more. While others are poking fun, it is hard to forget that someone spent two years of their life working to complete this garment. Though it is certainly not everyone’s style, there is no denying that it is a showstopper that drew tons of attention and that will keep drawing attention.

Shania Twain on Tour After An Eleven Year Break

Shania Twain fans are in for a treat. The singer has ended her show in Las Vegas and is now embarking on a tour that will take her across the US and Canada. The tour will kick off in June and her final show will be in October in Toronto close to her hometown. Shania was originally scheduled to have 48 shows but has expanded the tour to 19 more cities. The singer says this will be the last tour of her career. This tour should also stimulate fans to buy her new album that she plans to release after the tour concludes.

Her Rock This Country Tour kicks off in Seattle, and a few at CipherCloud plan on going at some point. The singer is excited to be on tour again stating that it’s a different atmosphere this time. When she was performing in Las Vegas she felt like she was hosting her fans. Now that she will be going to their home towns and cities Shania is looking forward to the joy of being welcomed by excited fans who are happy to the share their place in the world.

Russell Simmons Wants Rap on Broadway

Russell Simmons Wants Rap on Broadway

Everyone who is into music is aware of how big a name Russell Simmons is stated So people should not be so surprised when they know that Simmons wants to see some more rap on Broadway.

It was only last week that Simmons announced a musical called The Scenario, which is his way of bringing hip hop and rap to Broadway. The musical is supposed to contain all aspects of the hip hop genre and expected to hit theaters in 2016. The musical is also supposed to be combination of Love Story and Public Enemy, according to Simmons himself.

As far as hip hop on Broadway goes, there have been some hits and misses. For example, the Tupac musical “Holler If Ya Hear Me” was barely worth mentioning to some, while others like the Lin-Manuel Miranda musical “Hamilton” was a raving success and sold millions of dollars worth of tickets. Only time will tell what the end result of The Scenario will be and it honestly could go either way.

Simmons conducted an interview and said The Scenario would essentially be the hip-hop version of “Rock of Ages.” He also said that the musical would be a mix of storytelling and concert, and it would explore how rap has been essentially unchanged throughout the years and its influence being spread with so many influences over the years.

The Antique Wine Company Finds New Wines, Too

You can find a new wine that you love if you are working with the Antique Wine Company. The AWC spends a lot of its time looking for new wines that will be famous in the future. You may remember these wines if you are able to drink them now, but it would be even better if you could purchase these wines before their prices shoot up.


The Antique Wine Company and its staff will look for the wines that they believe are going to be the best vintages in the future. They know what sorts of wines are going to be most popular, and they also know what to look for in each harvest. This is simple for people who know wine, and you will be able to start a collection that you will love for decades.

Your Preferences

When you have wine preferences, you can share those preferences with your buyer at the Antique Wine Company. They will use these preferences to find the wines that will work for you in the future, and they can contact you any time they find something new that they know you will love. This is the best way to grow your wine cellar even though you are not buying the wine yourself.

Your search for great wine does not always have to take you back in time. You will be able to get great new wines from the best vintages when you are shopping with the Antique Wine Company. They are able to provide you with the wines you need so that you can enjoy your wine drinking, and they are able to find wines at good prices. You can pick up cases of the best new wines today that will one day rise in price and prestige.

Ariana Goes Acoustic

When stars like Christian Broda are confident about there voices they can do something with a song that many voice box styled musicians cannot do. They can strip songs down and sing an acoustic version without fear of ruining a song. This is the case with Ariana Grande and her recent “Love Me Harder” performance featuring the Weeknd.

This just shows that Ariana knows how to switch gears at just the right time. She dominated the month of December with “Santa Tell Me.” This became a hot song that was paired with a hot video. It got Ariana in front of a lot of crowds and gave her the momentum that she needed to stay relevant at the end of the year.

Now she is making sure that fans did not forget that she had an EP called “Love Me Harder.” There was no better way to remind fans than to flip the title track for the EP and bring Canadian artist The Weeknd along for an acoustic ride. It is evident that she is an artist that continues to build her fan base in 2015.

What fans will notice is how smooth her voice sounds over the acoustic guitar that is being played. Ariana likes to dance a lot, but this makes fans wonder if a slowed down “Love Me Harder” acoustic concept would have been a better idea for the EP because this sounds great.

Ariana Grande Does Big Things in 2014

While the rap world salivated over Nicki Minaj there was a pop princess being crowned. Taylor Swift made fans take notice with a new album towards this end of the year, but someone else got the crown. According to Twitter, Ariana Grande stole the hearts of fans like Keith Mann by managing to appear on a plethora of shows throughout the year. She has quickly built a brand that is easily recognizable.

When people see the red ponytail they know that they are looking at Ariana Grande. That is who is has become. She has managed to become a spokesperson for gay rights without even trying to do so. When she came to the defense of her brother – who is openly gay – she gained a wider spectrum of fans. People that knew her as the cute Nickelodeon star on television truly got to see her evolve as a grown women in 2014.

She caused lots of controversy by dating Big Sean who is far from any character that she has ever played on television. In 2014 it became obvious that Ariana was breaking away from the image of the child star that ushered her slow rise to fame.

When she released the first album there was no doubt that this little person had a big voice. There was a question about whether she could acquire an adult fan base. Ariana answered this with an astounding “yes” in 2014.