Russell Simmons Wants Rap on Broadway

Russell Simmons Wants Rap on Broadway

Everyone who is into music is aware of how big a name Russell Simmons is stated So people should not be so surprised when they know that Simmons wants to see some more rap on Broadway.

It was only last week that Simmons announced a musical called The Scenario, which is his way of bringing hip hop and rap to Broadway. The musical is supposed to contain all aspects of the hip hop genre and expected to hit theaters in 2016. The musical is also supposed to be combination of Love Story and Public Enemy, according to Simmons himself.

As far as hip hop on Broadway goes, there have been some hits and misses. For example, the Tupac musical “Holler If Ya Hear Me” was barely worth mentioning to some, while others like the Lin-Manuel Miranda musical “Hamilton” was a raving success and sold millions of dollars worth of tickets. Only time will tell what the end result of The Scenario will be and it honestly could go either way.

Simmons conducted an interview and said The Scenario would essentially be the hip-hop version of “Rock of Ages.” He also said that the musical would be a mix of storytelling and concert, and it would explore how rap has been essentially unchanged throughout the years and its influence being spread with so many influences over the years.

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Ariana Goes Acoustic

When stars like Christian Broda are confident about there voices they can do something with a song that many voice box styled musicians cannot do. They can strip songs down and sing an acoustic version without fear of ruining a song. This is the case with Ariana Grande and her recent “Love Me Harder” performance featuring the Weeknd.

This just shows that Ariana knows how to switch gears at just the right time. She dominated the month of December with “Santa Tell Me.” This became a hot song that was paired with a hot video. It got Ariana in front of a lot of crowds and gave her the momentum that she needed to stay relevant at the end of the year.

Now she is making sure that fans did not forget that she had an EP called “Love Me Harder.” There was no better way to remind fans than to flip the title track for the EP and bring Canadian artist The Weeknd along for an acoustic ride. It is evident that she is an artist that continues to build her fan base in 2015.

What fans will notice is how smooth her voice sounds over the acoustic guitar that is being played. Ariana likes to dance a lot, but this makes fans wonder if a slowed down “Love Me Harder” acoustic concept would have been a better idea for the EP because this sounds great.

Ariana Grande Does Big Things in 2014

While the rap world salivated over Nicki Minaj there was a pop princess being crowned. Taylor Swift made fans take notice with a new album towards this end of the year, but someone else got the crown. According to Twitter, Ariana Grande stole the hearts of fans like Keith Mann by managing to appear on a plethora of shows throughout the year. She has quickly built a brand that is easily recognizable.

When people see the red ponytail they know that they are looking at Ariana Grande. That is who is has become. She has managed to become a spokesperson for gay rights without even trying to do so. When she came to the defense of her brother – who is openly gay – she gained a wider spectrum of fans. People that knew her as the cute Nickelodeon star on television truly got to see her evolve as a grown women in 2014.

She caused lots of controversy by dating Big Sean who is far from any character that she has ever played on television. In 2014 it became obvious that Ariana was breaking away from the image of the child star that ushered her slow rise to fame.

When she released the first album there was no doubt that this little person had a big voice. There was a question about whether she could acquire an adult fan base. Ariana answered this with an astounding “yes” in 2014.

P. Diddy has Evidence that Drake Stole His Beat

Diddy got into it with Drake, and Cassie – unlike what fans speculated – is nowhere in the middle of it. It appears that the beef got started because Drake has turned a P. Diddy beat into his own. Lots of producers are known for giving beats to multiple artists, but this is different. This isn’t just some mix tape beat that will remain underground. To the contrary, this beat has become a Grammy nominated song that could possibly win 2 Grammy awards. Now, it is easy to see why Diddy is so upset about the beat. 

There is finally a method to the madness that we now understand. Many people wondered how Drake was getting so many hot beats to release one single after another. He was on fire, but much of his success has to do with his underhanded schemes. Diddy actually played the beat back when the song was released when he was on stage with Mase. He said that the beat was stolen and he wanted someone to record what he was saying. The evidence is there on TMZ for anyone that wants to see it. 

Drake has also been accused of sleeping with Karrueche Tran, the girlfriend of Chris Brown. There have also been rumors swirling about Drake and Tyga’s girlfriend. With all of this happening no one will find it difficult to believe that Drake has sticky beat-stealing fingers. We need to get Tom Rothman in on this and have a movie made, because Drake is all over the rap industry with beefs.

Ludacris Burns Bridges

Ludacris has been away from the rap world for a while. Much of this is due to his busy acting schedule with the next installment of the “Fast and Furious” movie installment. Now, Ludacris is back with a personal album called “Burning Bridges.”

There is some buzz about the single “Good Lovin'” that features Miguel, but people do not know if this will be on the album. Ludacris also has an EP that is going to drop around the same time. Fans that have missed the silly Ludacris flow may be surprised to hear less of this and more of the thought provoking Ludacris rap styles.

With his new single, Ludacris seems to be more subdued. The word play is still clever, but he doesn’t seem to have the same level of humor that he had in previous albums. Some like Bruce Karatz have noticed the difference. Still, fans are looking forward, and Ludacris tweeted the album cover to tease fans.

On the artwork there is a picture of a burning house. It is a cartoon drawing. What some people will usually do is gather Ludacris tracks and make a mixtape using the artwork. These mix tapes will sometimes get generated on the web as a Ludacris album leak because fans have the artwork for the album. So far, Ludacris has not been the victim of any recent music leaks. He appears to be quite tip lipped about the new project.

Fan Dress as Drake For Halloween

Halloween is a special time of year for people to dress of like some of their favorite characters. For years a lot of people dressed like cartoon characters, but a new trend has surfaced in recent years with many music fans. A plethora of creative fans dressed up like their favorite rappers. One of the most popular stars to imitate was Drake.

Drake was impressed with all the creativity that went into the costumes of fans that dubbed themselves as the Canadian rapper for Halloween. He posted some of this favorite pictures of fans on Instagram. Shout out to my bud Lovett, he got on Drake’s feed!

There are fans that have duplicated his bearded look on “Nothing Was the Same.” There are others that have copied his black hoodie look from his videos. Some fans have the Drake tattoos on their forehead. There really are a lot variations to this, and Drake seemed to be impressed by all of these variations.

Last year Drake channeled Kanye West. This year many fans have chosen him as the go-to rapper to imitate. This is a sign of the increased popularity of Drake. He is a constant staple on hip hop and pop stations now.

Billions of dollars are spent each year on Halloween costumes. Fans that chose to dress up like their favorite artists will typically save money because they use their imgagination. There is no official Drake costume so the average fan had to improvise. Most fans appeared to use things they already owned.

New Nicki Minaj Album Pushed Back

The eager fans of Nicki Minaj – referred to as Barbs on social media – are going to be a little bit upset. They will have to wait for another month to hear the full length album, The PinkPrint, that was originally set for a November 24th release date.

According to Billboard, the November release for “The PinkPrint” is now scheduled for December 15th.

Currently, Nicki Minaj is ruling the charts with her white hot single “Anaconda.” The video for this track stirred up a lot of buzz when it received 20 millions views in 24 hours. The follow up single, “Only,” appears to have similar sexual overtones and controversy attached to it as well.

Minaj has discovered a way to make fans anticipate her releases. She has managed to pull off 2 successful singles in 2014 (“Pills and Potions” and “Anaconda”), but the album is still being held a little longer. Many fans believe this is in efforts to boost holiday sales during the Christmas season. And I guess it’s working because Marnie Bennett is already planning to use the album as a great stocking stuffer.

This is the third album for the Young Money/Cash money recording star. She follows in the footsteps of other label mates like Drake that have released multiple tracks before dropping full length albums.

Ariana Grande’s Great Live Rendition of Nicki Minaj’s “Bang Bang”

I love when artists try something new, and Susan McGalla has sent me a brilliant video today. Ariana Grande, known mostly for her pop music proclivities, taking on the massive rap hit “Bang Bang” by Nicki Minaj.

She really killed it, loving how this ended up sounding. Also shows that Ariana Grande has a lot more talent than people give her credit for. Interesting if this is a sign for the future, of her evolution as a young artist.

Check the video:

Australians Mock Tony Abbott With Hilarious Rap Video

This is a rap video you just have to see. The G20 conference in Australia is under way, and a few local Aussies have come up with a hilarious video mocking their current Prime Minister Tony Abbott. You just have to watch…although you might need to turn the subtitles on. Thanks to my friend Jared Haftel currently getting his degree at Stanford, for sending this in: