Top Direct Selling Company: QNET

Qnet is a direct selling company that was started out by a group of friends. They had the objective and vision of promoting healthy living. The company has been in business for sixteen years and has been quite successful in offering online marketing solutions and strategies. The products offered by Qnet are of different brands that are primarily meant to foster healthy living. The products have been tested and are designed for skin care and nutritional purposes. They also provide and sell Swiss-made watches and fine and artistic jewelry pieces.

Before adding any new products to their brands and to ensure that their customers are well protected, the products are taken through thorough and sophisticated testing procedures that excludes animals. The testing procedures are primarily based on moral and very high ideals. I believe that this a very unique and exceptional way of building one’s business and attracting clients.

The company has a strict vegetarian policy and this trickles down to the food that they offer that is all vegetarian. They believe that vegetarianism is a healthy living habit that all people should also adopt and use. In their consumable products, Qnet only allows non-vegetarian ingredients. In an effort to promote healthy living styles and mannerisms, Qnet undertakes campaigns and public awareness forums. Through these forums, Qnet is able to sensitize people on how to safeguard themselves from heart disease, obesity and other diseases by ensuring that the products they consume are law on sugar and lack harmful chemicals.

Qnet takes part in corporate social responsibility and always takes time to give back to the society. It takes part in community programmes across the globe through philanthropic initiatives and working together with charitable organisations. Currently Qnet is working with Rashid Centre which has loads of programmes that are primarily created to help children with special needs cases. These programmes are also a forum through which the rights and benefits of children with special needs are advocated. Its unique style of direct company will be an effective tool as they compete with other top direct selling companies that are making a name for themselves or have already established themselves in this industry.

They carry out their business with high standards and all its strategies are worth emulating. I believe that Qnet approach to healthy living is quite exciting bearing in mind that the consumable products that it offers are nutritious enough as they have all the necessary ingredients for healthy living.

Image Recognition Advancements Take Center stage in Today’s Business Environment

Today, advances in technology are rapidly changing the way people and organizations are doing business. One such technology that is currently on everybody’s radar is image recognition systems. Recently, Facebook CEO Marc Zuckerberg announced that his company was planning to build artificially intelligent systems.

He further gave a demonstration of an image recognition system that allows the blind to know what is in a picture by explaining it out loud.  Image recognition systems can be used to help warn drivers of the presence of large animals or even extract business insights from pictures that are shared socially.

They can also be used to auto-organize untagged photo collections. The advancements made in computer vision technology has created a lot of new and exciting business opportunities. These systems are used by online retailers and advertising companies.  New Image Technology Tools  Computer vision has largely benefited from the expansion made in open-source technology, simple programming tools, deep learning technologies as well as faster and affordable computing.

Open data such as Pascal VOC and ImageNet are massive and freely accessible databases that contain millions of images. Every image is tagged with specific keywords that make it easier to identify and categorize them. By analyzing many photos with the same keyword, computers are able to learn and identify photos.  Open-source Software frameworks and libraries are freely available systems online.

They are used as the initial points in building machine systems of learning that incorporate issues like emotion and facial recognition as well as medical screenings. They are fed by open data systems like ImageNet. Other advancements include hosted APIs and customized computer vision technology.  Slyce Inc.  Slyce is an online visual search recognition firm that is located in Toronto, Canada.

It was first launched in 2013 by founders Cameron Chell and Erica Racicot. The firm is headed by Mark Elfenbein as CEO, President and Director. Today it serves an international market and offers services like Tag and Display as well as Visual Relevancy Engine. Its parent company is Business Instincts Group.

The company is currently traded on TSX Venture Exchange. It has developed systems that are used to identify products online based on an image or a picture. It also allows people to make purchases.  Today, it has partnered with some of the top retailers in the US to run its mobile app technology.

This makes it easy for customers to shop and make purchases using smartphones. It also offers physical advertising, recognition app capabilities and snap-to-buy applications.  Read more via TechCrunch:

How Athleisure is the Perfect Trend for Anyone

You may have seen or heard of the fashion epidemic, Athleisure. This popular line of clothing features workout wear in bright patterns and colors, designed to wear everyday. Comfortable and cute, Athleisure can be seen on the most popular celebrities in Hollywood. It has truly become a huge trend and lifestyle and something that you can wear on any given day. It is no longer just workout gear, but a new fashion statement that is here to stay.

You might have seen a commercial featuring Kate Hudson, the spokeswoman for a popular Athleisure brand called Fabletics. Fabletics is a retailer website with many fun athletic wear options, at a cost effective introductory price.

The thing about this trend is that almost every retailer carries their own line of Athleisure. Because the rage is so huge right now, it allows these big names to increase the price on all of these fun, bold pieces. Fabletics gives the customer a great opportunity to get their first Fabletics price at a price more than fair.

The Elite Daily published an article that to check out some of these outfits, visit Fabletic and sign up for one of the biggest websites out there. Kate Hudson models these fashions on television and they are featured on many other websites.

She does a wonderful job motivating us all to not only live a healthier lifestyle to look our best in the outfits, but by inspiring us to try out this bold, fun trend. Acording to their Instagram page, Fabletics is one of those sites that will have you hooked once you’ve made a purchase. The patterns and colors are just too fun to pass up!

Athleisure is certainly one of those styles inspired by celebrities. Gossip magazines will photograph these stars coming out of the gym wearing the most fashionable outfits and it all makes us want to look that glamorous in athletic gear as well. Athleisure is one of those trends that generally looks good on everyone too.

It has a comfort level we all love to experience daily, but but the fun, spunky styles allow us to express ourselves in a fashion sense.

George Soros: A Brilliant Plan in The Making

When you go on the website of George Soros, you see a quote which tells you everything you need to know about the man. That quote is “A full and fair discussion is essential to democracy.” How often in life are things unfair and unjust? Sadly, it happens too often in today’s world. People don’t get the breaks they deserve on and they end up on the short end of the stick. It’s the sad reality, and it’s not one many people particularly like. That is why we are so grateful for people like George. He believes in fairness and everyone having their day in court. George Soros looks out for people and wants it to be a level playing field.

For over thirty decades, George Soros has been a vital international supporter of democratic beliefs and causes on That is a lot of experience that is vital and useful in today’s society. With experience comes knowledge. He has been there and done that. He has lived to tell about it and has what others don’t. George has been in the fire and seen it and come of it a better man and a better person. He is a wonderful philanthropist on and his group, Open Society Foundations, believes in democracy and human rights. They span over 100 countries. That gives you just a large glimpse of the kind of range of people he is reaching and the power that he holds. However, he uses his power for good. It’s the good kind of power. He’s not someone that is going to wield that power around recklessly.

Recently, George Soros started a great plan to solve the asylum chaos. Even at age 85, he is still looking for ways to improve human rights. He isn’t looking to sit still, be comfortable, and coast through life. According to his plan, The European Union will work together as one and focus on human rights. That is the thing you have to love about George. He never loses sight of human rights after all these years. George Soros’ still a steadfast believer in them. He wants them to act responsibly and use common sense. When you work together, it’s amazing what you can accomplish. When you are selfish and focused on only your needs, you run into problems, George believes. However, when you are working for the greater good and for the people, great things can occur.

Sometimes all you need to do is step back, sit down, and have a conversation about how to get on the same page and fix things. Compromises can occur and when they do, wonderful things come out of it. George knows this and is trying to pass it onto others. He wants everyone to be a team. It is just like with sports: when you have a great team, everyone works together, knows their job, and is focused on winning. This is a winning plan and one that if everyone can come together on will produce tremendous results. You really have to hand it to George.

Queens of Drama: Crystal Hunt and Company

First impressions of Queens of Drama are of its dramatic and chaotic plot twists. Lets not mentions the six divas that reign supreme on and off screen. Queens of Drama touts a dynamic and all-star cast of daytime soap opera leading ladies. The show aims to promote female empowerment and business bravado. These ladies want to find the future of daytime television, actresses that can take charge and have it all. At the launch this show was slated to benefit a future generation of ladies that wanted nothing more than to take control of their careers.

On the way to this goal, one will find tons of non-scripted entertainment. Fans of this drama can expect actresses to indulge in plenty of Hollywood excesses: drinking, glass throwing, and petty disagreements are all here. Queens of Drama comes to us courtesy of us via ThinkFactory Media in collaboration with Executive Producers Adam Reed, Adam Freeman, Aaron Fishman, Tim Laurie, and Leslie Greif. This team has created a jewel of a half-hour series with guest appearances by Dame Joan Collins of Dynasty fame in one of the episodes.

In the April 26 premiere, Lindsay Hartley reunites with old Passions co-star Chrystee Pharris. It isn’t long before Vanessa Marcil and Crystal Hunt come into the picture while attending an industry mixer. The four brainstorm a show of their own. Later in the premiere, we see a nervous Marcil asking soap diva Donna Mills to assist in developing the series. Mills is quickly pegged as the industry veteran and agrees to come onboard. It is this springboard that has Marcil, Hunt, Mills and others in a whirlwind of entertaining Hollywood drama.

Crystal Hunt is best known for her career in daytime television. However, she also participated in pageants from the age of 2 years old. Acting was quickly seen as her chief talent. FamousBirthdays makes evident she has starred in numerous commercials, even for Walt Disney Company’s 25th anniversary gala as well as anti-drug PSAs. She received a Daytime Emmy Award nomination in 2005 for Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series for the role, both nods listed on Crystal’s Facebook.

In addition to this she appeared The Derby Stallion, a 2005 film before going on to make an appearance in the 2007 Universal Pictures film Sydney White as Demetria Rosemead Hodgekiss. She was part of the cast for ABC’s One Life to Live 2009, playing character Stacy Morasco. She then left the show in 2010 before returning as the ghostly Stacy in March 2010. She continues to work and co-produce on numerous projects in Hollywood.  Find Crystal on her photography website, or visit YouTube to see a glimpse into Crystal’s acting past.

The Amazing Success of John Textor

In the film industry there are those who really stand out above the rest as technical and creative masterminds. John Textor is one of those individuals who really has stood out above the rest in the eyes of many in the industry and in the general public. When it comes to visual effects in the world of Hollywood John Textor is able to create amazing success within the movies that he is a part of. His mastery of the visual effects world has helped him to create an amazing career for himself.

One of the biggest achievements of John Textor’s career was his involvement with the film Benjamin Button. The work that John Textor was a part of with this amazing film helped him to really solidify his name in legendary status for the rest of film history. Benjamin Button used new techniques that really hadn’t been used before. These techniques not only pushed forward the career of John Textor, but they also pushed forward the industry as a whole. These techniques of special effects were hailed as some of the greatest special effects up to this point. There is a lot to still come for John Textor but up to this point that is quite possibly some of the best work that has been done in the world of special effects.

Another endeavor that John Textor is very well known for is the digital holograms that he has been brining to the stage. These holograms are most well known for the representation of Tupac and Michael Jackson. The first unveiling of these holograms was at the Coachella music festival. This gave audiences the ability to see Tupac perform all of his hit songs. A Michael Jackson hologram was also used during a Billboard music award to portray the late great singer on the stage. These holograms are just in the beginning stages and there is much more to come. There are many different plans for these holograms with one of the biggest being an Elvis reunion show. There are many great applications for these holograms in the near future.

Finding The Green in New York Real Estate

In the New York real estate world, high prices have long been part of the picture. Real estate professionals who represent clients n Manhattan know their clients won’t have sticker shock when they hear the price for apartment in this much desired island, especially when those apartments have a little something extra, like a view or a little bit of greenery.

Greenery? That’s right. These days, there’s a little bit of a back to nature vibe going on in this city, with buyers seeking out apartments (or out in the boroughs, apartments or houses) that have a little bit of a garden space to call home. The tricky part, however, is reading between the lines about how much greenery might really be involved. Listings that mention extras like a “balcony” or “garden/patio” might be referring to a real patio with room for a table and chairs and some grass. Then again, it may just mean a window ledge with a potted hydrangea.

What’s true though is that there are a few deals out there for apartments in New York with a bit of greenery, but it will definitely take some looking. The gardens may be miniature, but if there’s a good view involved, it may be worth a little bit extra.

Experts in New York real estate, like the professionals at TOWN residential luxury real estate, know all about doing a major search for their clients. TOWN has made a name for itself in the past few years as one of the leaders in the luxury real estate market in New York, by catering to their client’s needs and by paying attention to the little details like, for example, finding a real patio with a real garden to go with that restored brownstone. After all, when a client is preparing to pay serious money to buy a home in this city, a little greenery shouldn’t be too much to ask, should it? No, we didn’t think so.

Investing in Art – Adam Sender Style

When searching for alternate income, or ways of investing surplus funds, many individuals often turn to options such as stocks, bonds, and CDs. There do exist some people who possess a certain knack for investing in fields that are considered by many as risky. One of these fields is that of art collecting.

Collecting art can be a lucrative venture if one knows what to look for, and what qualities to consider. This is a skill Adam Sender has honed to a sharp instinct. Most collectors hope to find a few pieces that will appreciate in value, but what if the collection contained over 140 paintings? Impressive isn’t it?

Adam Sender has spent the last two decades selecting choice pieces from contemporary artists that met his criteria. During this time he carefully selected paintings done by artisans that had long, proven careers, and held an eye for detail. Beginning in the 1990’s his collection has grown so large that the time has finally arrived to sell a portion of it. Appraisers estimate the net worth of all 140 pieces to be roughly somewhere in the ball park of seventy million dollars.

When considering a piece, Sender never made a decision based on the person’s popularity or mainstream opinion. Instead he would approach each work in an objective fashion, then ask himself a simple question – did it engage and impress? Only the most exceptional works were selected. His collection contains contemporary art created by artists such as Dan Flavin and Keith Haring.

The collection has been viewed in London and New York where audiences have commented on the sheer diversity presented. It portrays a wide array of styles and techniques within the field of contemporary art while revealing the care and skill Sender placed when selecting each piece.

For someone who started out as a greenhorn, Sender has grown into a reputable collector with an eye for quality. One key component that has led to his success is the way he let his collection grow naturally. Now two decades later he has amassed an investment through contemporary art that was, until now, virtually unheard of.

The Dilemma of Choosing the Best Dog Food

There is certainly a dilemma when it comes to choosing the best dog food. It should not be so hard, but buying food an animal that does not talk can be quite a challenge. That is why I had to just run some trial and error to see what my dogs would like the best. It turns out that there was one brand – Beneful – that stood out, but it still had a lot of different choices. Somewhere there must be a common thread that seems to make this dog food the most pleasing for my pets.

I think that they definitely like the choices that are available. This is one of the things that I am a fan of myself. I don’t know how it actually tastes, but my dogs are eating it up. I can barely keep enough of the Beneful wet dog foods here. That is just how much they love it. They eat the dry dog food from Beneful as well, but there is something about those chopped blends from Beneful that just makes it great. There are a lot of different blends. There are blends with spinach, carrots, tomatoes and wild rice. That is the crazy difference between dogs and humans. I have to force my kids to eat the things that my dogs eat without any hesitation. The thing that I love the most is that fact that I can buy dog treats as well. This was a very helpful thing for this Beneful company to consider. The fact that there are so many choices for meals – along with the oven baked styled treats – just makes my dogs incredibly happy.

There are quite a few people that are late on discovering Beneful, but I discovered it early. There has never been a time when I would have thought that I would have dogs that eat this well. Usually pets will gravitate towards a certain type of food and then totally stop eating it. With the Beneful brand I have not had this problem at all. That is why I am continued to support all that Beneful is doing.

This is the dog food that I would call innovative. I know many people use that term to describe the latest technology. It is rarely a term that is associated with food. I can say this confidently though because I know that there are a lot of creative minds that are coming up with more food choices. That is what I like the most about the brand. It is not stagnant. The leaders here at Beneful are concerned about the nutrients for dogs. They are trying to make the most of their relationships with customers. They are into making a difference, and I appreciate their innovative spirit. That may be the main reason that I have chosen to take this brand and embrace it. This is the type of dog food that my pets love. I would not switch because I am a loyal.

Jurassic Fans Set Record

With the record-breaking release of Jurassic World making the news this weekend, two Jurassic fans decided that they wanted to break a record of their own. Jake and Dave decided that they wanted to break the record for the number of times anyone has ridden the Jurassic Park River Adventure at Universal Studios–and so they set out to do exactly that.

The two friends planned out their record-breaking day ahead of time. They allowed themselves only minimal hydration throughout their twelve-hour stay on the Jurassic Park River Adventure Ride, packed plenty of snacks, and contacted the park to get a password that would prevent them from having to stand in line. They began their adventure bright and early, starting their record-breaking ride at 9:15 a.m., and did the math to discover that they’d need to ride at least 50 times to break the record.

They managed to break the record with no problem, and that left Andy Wirth very impressed. Within their first two hours at the park, Jake and Dave had ridden 10 times, announcing their double digit accomplishment on a white board so that they could keep track of each event. Following their 50th ride–which they announced complete with a shout-out to their mothers, the duo put in ten more rides, bringing their total up to 60.

Of course, going on the same ride over and over again can be a bit boring, so Jake and Dave decided to shake it up. Not only did they notice all the little details of the ride throughout their journey, they took the time to name the dinosaurs and make up background stories for them.