Organo Gold Continues To March On For Coffee

As much as we all love our coffee, we can learn to love it even more because of the benefits offered by a revolutionary additive, the ancient Chinese herb, Ganoderma Lucidum. This herb has been in use in China for over 4,000 years and is well known in the ancient world for its powerful antioxidant and adaptogenic qualities.

With the addition of this remarkable ganoderma supplement to tea and coffee products, thousands of health conscious coffee users have found relief from common ailments caused by diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension, liver and kidney dysfunction as well as migraine headaches and other common ailments. Organo Gold has revolutionised the industry by infusing their products with this Chinese herb, that is often referred to as Lucidum, or ‘The King of Herbs”.

By use of a special purifying process, Chua found a way to remove all unpleasant and objectionable tastes and odors from the raw herb, leaving only a fresh healthy tasting substance that is perfect for brewing healthy, great-tasting tea and coffee. Volila, an industry and a great product was born.  This type of ingenuity was perfect for the brand as well, and is a big factor in why they win so many awards.

We owe the re-discovery, development and use of this product to Bernardo Chua, the Philippine born multi marketing expert who first brought the product to the public’s eye under the proprietary brand name, Organo Gold. He established his gourmet coffee business in 2008 in Vancouver, BC and has since gone on to create a more substantial and varied line of healthy infused brews for active people looking for added benefit and enjoyment from their coffee breaks.

Since the company’s earliest days, Mr. Chua’s determination and experience has helped grow his company through his hands-on expertise and dynamic efforts of his devoted private network of independent distributors in 35 countries.

His marketing efforts have been recognized by his peers when Bernardo Chua was awarded the Napoleon Hill Foundation Gold Medal for his well noted success in the multi-level marketing industry.  He can be found on social media, with a presence on Twitter where he talks health frequently.  But he’s also got a Facebook account that is open to fans.

A True American Philanthropist: Eric Pulier

From the years of childhood all the way to adulthood, the goal is to be successful and live a satisfying life. There are many steps along the way as well as roadblocks. Navigating this maze of happiness and frustrating world is all a part of life and there’s no exception. It’s determination and passion that separates the professionals from the amateurs and Eric Pulier personifies this best.

The he may not be a household name, Mr. Pulier has done many great things in society and is one of the most successful businessmen in the country. His impressive resume includes being a founder of more than 15 companies, technologist, entrepreneur, author, public speaker, and raising millions of dollars for business ventures. The guy is truly a “jack of all trades.” This 1988 Harvard Graduate attained a (BA)and wrote a prestigious weekly column named “PulierLeg” for the prominent Harvard Crimson Weekly, all while studying English and American Literature. From early on it’s very easy to see that he was destined for greatness and he’s lived up to all expectations.

Mr. Pulier’s hand has been on everything from science to government. He played a major role and was chosen to orchestrate the “Bridge To The 21st Century” inauguration which commemorated Bill Clinton and Al Gore. This successful two day event was host to thousands of high profile members of politicians, senators, and congressmen. The event went off without a hitch and was broadcasted on a number of broadcasting news networks. One of Pulier’s biggest and most well deserved achievements is from being a philanthropist. His expert knowledge has helped solve numerous problems physically impaired children and economically disadvantaged communities across the nation and world. He just has a nack for solving issues as he help create one of the first multimedia educational programs. This was designed to help and teach people who suffered with Multiple Sclerosis. With more knowledge, it prepared these groups of people to live with the disease while maintaining a happy, satisfying lifestyle.

Eric Pulier is a genius in-a-sense. His strong will and determination is what separates him from the crowd and what’s made him into a great American figure.

More about Eric Pulier:

Dick DeVos: Businessman, Philanthropist

In April of 2016, Dick DeVos appointed Phil Dolci to be the CEO of The Stow Company, which is a business that specializes in storage space solutions in homes or businesses. Dolci has over twenty years of experience in consumer products, while he specializes in the manufacturing and marketing aspect of it. Dick DeVos is the chairman of The Stow Company, and he applauded the selection of Dolci.


Dick DeVos has a long history of business ventures in Michigan. As a child, he would assist his family at conducting business at Amway, which is a multi-level marketing company. After he graduated from Northwood University, he went back to Amway in 1974. In 1984, he became one of the vice presidents of the company, and he branched out into conducting more international operations. The company only had 5 percent in sales of international business in 1986, but six years later foreign sales accounted for 50 percent of revenues for Amway. The DeVos family acquired the Orlando Magic in 1991, and Dick DeVos became the president to the team. He resigned from being president of the Orlando Magic in 1993, and he went back to focusing on Amway, which had operations on six continents by the end of the 1990s. In 2000, Amway was completely reorganized under the new name Alticor, and DeVos retired from Alticor in 2002.


Aside from his corporate ventures, DeVos also ran for governor in 2006 against the democratic incumbent, Jennifer Granholm. The DeVos family is also known for their charity work. He is president of the Dick and Betty DeVos foundation that donates money to various causes in Michigan. He also opened the West Michigan Aviation Academy in 2010, and it was the first public charter high school that is devoted to aviation. The DeVos family is dedicated to the arts, and they have their own arts competition through their foundation. Their foundation also gives scholarships to student who are studying for their graduate studies.



Thor Halvorssen: Human Rights Defender

North Korea is a country of 29 million people that three generations of the brutal Kim family have savagely oppressed for over 70 years. Little to no information is let in or out of the country dubbed The Hermit Kingdom. Just possessing a Hollywood movie is an act that could land someone’s whole family in a prison camp.

One man views it as his life’s work to bring freedom to the oppressed North Koreans. That man is Thor Halvorssen. Thor trots the globe on his quest to bring human rights to even the darkest corners of the globe. One recent evening he was in South Korea, not far from the country’s border with North Korea. His aim was to sail a hot-air balloon laden with western memorabilia into the north.

One movie Thor especially wants to get into the country is the Seth Rogan vehicle, “The Interview.” This movie, released two years ago, really got underneath the North Korean dictator’s skin. It satirized the North Korean dictator as a fool. In response, North Korea hacked the Sony, the company that bankrolled the movie. Thor Halvorssen, likewise, has organized hackathons in which North Korean defectors try to hack the regime’s computer systems to find embarrassing information.

North Korea has tried to shoot down the balloons in the past. But this time, they are not successful. The balloons get swept back into the South Korean countryside by strong gusts of wind. Thor, however, doesn’t lose momentum. He comes from a long line of human rights defenders.

His grandfather was a Norwegian diplomat who once got into a fistfight with a Nazi. His father was locked up in a Venezuelan jail for exposing political corruption. His mother was once shot at a Venezuelan political protest (she survived). Numerous relatives are sitting in jail right now under Venezuela’s strongman president.

Perhaps that’s why Thor Halvorssen has based his organization, the Human Rights Foundation, in New York. The twelve-person outfit launched in 2005. It hosts an annual mega-convention, thought of as the Davos of the Human Rights industry, called the Oslo Forum.

Laidlaw & Company Is An Easier Investment Bank To Work With

I only know two things about investing, and they are both tied to the fact that I do not have much time to spend on it and I do not know much about it. I have not been investing because I have been forced to get too involved, but now I am investing with Laidlaw & Company because they are making sure that I have assistance.

I talked with James Ahern and Matthew Eitner as a special request, and then they helped me pick out one of their brokers that would be right for me. I am working with someone now who basically only gives me updates when I need them. They are making it so that I can save money while I am investing, and I get only the tips on investments that they think would actually be helpful for me.

I know that a lot of people are as afraid of investing as I was because they do not know much, but that whole situation can be avoided because there is a helpful broker at Laidlaw & Company ready to go at all time. There are many people like me who are making more money at Laidlaw & Company, and they are learning a lot about how the investing world works because of their relationship with their broker.

The first step for anyone I think is to make sure that they have already called and talked to someone. They want to be sure that they are going to have a chance to get the help they need, and then they can decide how much their want to invest. I have been slowly pouring into my account, and it feels good to see results. Laidlaw & Company really has been the best place to go when I did not know how to invest before.

White Shark Media Goes Above and Beyond for the Clients

In 2011, three Danish entrepreneurs decided they wanted to create an online company that focused on helping people create a great online presence. This became White Shark Media Complaints team.

Naturally, all new businesses have learning curves. Here are some of the mistakes they have heard and how they plan to fix them. Learn more about White Shark Media Complaints:

Some customers have realized they are not in the know of their AdWords campaign, while others feel they are not getting open communication. The solution is to keep communication open. If a customer has a specific key word or goal in mind, knowing what is happening in their campaign will help them succeed.

Keeping communication open extends beyond the knowledge of the campaign. In order to go above and beyond, they have implemented a monthly meeting with each customer and phone lines with direct extensions to the customers contact person and their supervisor as well.

The youtube video explains more:


Another big factor is making sure the AdWords campaign does better than their last campaign. Their way of resolving this issue is to make sure that the campaign is actively in use. Next, they assign a supervisor to provide feedback and oversee the campaign management.

Many of the customers who come to the company for AdWords campaigns would also like SEO services. They currently do not offer SEO services, they can help a customer by reviewing the SEO strategy instead of making them outsource SEO help as well.

The fear of working alongside someone different who does not understand what the customer needs is another big concern. At White Shark Media, the person who signed customers up are senior management and while they might not be the first form of contact, they stay with the campaign the whole time.

Another concerns include the campaign being created in the company’s account. They understand that the customer may have an account that is created on their end and if that works for the customer, they have ways of working with that as well.

Being able to see the success of an AdWords program is important and they have created an in-house program to track each campaigns success. If the customer wants to know how many people are calling after seeing an ad, White Shark Media has that covered too. Each client gets a counter for their phone they use in order to track how the campaign is going!

Fabletics: Why It’s So Desirable

The ever popular Kate Hudson is not only an A-List actress, but she is a well loved role model for women everywhere, thanks to her line of athleisure clothing, Fabletics. She recently had a discussion with Elle magazine about her motivation for staying fit and remaining an inspiration for women to be healthy and active. Her line of athleisure clothing, Fabletics is very buzzed about, thanks to its versatility and high fashion styles. Steel sure, itself has become quite the fashion lifestyle trend and is known for its great comfort but ability to be worn on most occasions.

In her interview, she talks about how has always been an active person thanks to her involvement in sports. Now, as an adult, she is a choreographer on the set of Glee and says her love of sports has been the motivation to get her out of bed in the morning and stay active. Like everyone else, it can be hard to get active everyday but since becoming spokesmodel for Fabletics , she knows the importance of being that role model for women to look and feel their best. Thankfully, her clothes are geared for women of all shapes and sizes and she prides herself on making sure that their is great support and that all the form fitting styles hide flaws impeccably.

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It’s no surprise that she has found success so quickly with the Fabletics line. Their prices are the best around and the clothes are stylish and quality. You can subscribe to Fabletics, which will allow you to receive new athleisure clothing each and every month at a fixed rate. You won’t find a deal like this elsewhere, and all the styles are unique to the Fabletics line only. You don’t have to subscribe to purchase these great fashion pieces- shop whenever you’d like! The prices will always be better than competitors like Nike. Visit and you will fall in love with atheleisure, if you haven’t already! See:

A Passion for Business: The Life of Stephen Murray

With a bachelor’s degree in economics from Boston College, Stephen Murray set off to join Manufacturers Hanover Corporation, a bank holding company. Here Stephen Murray took the part in the credit analyst training program. At the same time Murray went for his master’s degree in business administration at Columbia Business School.

Following his degree, Murray joined Manufacturers Hanover Equity Corporation. This corporation being the combination of Manufacturers Hanover’s private equity unit and its leveraged fiance unit.

In 2000, after a handful of mergers, JPMorgan engulfed Manufacturers Hanover. With Murray’s positive efforts towards the company, in 2005 he was named head of the bank’s buyout business. Even through the company’s spin out in 2006, Stephen Murray continued to lead CCMP Capital. In addition, by 2007 Murray was re-named CEO of the newly named CCMP Capital, previously known as JPMorgan.

With this position, Stephen Murray CCMP Capital worked vigorously at obtaining a new image for CCMP Capital, one that would establish a new and positive identity with investors. His work with the company turned out successful and in 2014 CCMP Capital brought in $3.6 billion from raising funds. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:

A year later, though, Murray had to retire from his position at CCMP Capital due to health related complications. Though no specifics were released at the time, one month later Murray passed away at the age of 52 from illness.

His successor as CEO of CCMP Capital, Greg Brenneman, has been quoted as saying, “we [CCMP Capital] are very saddened to learn that our friend and former partner, Steve Murray, has passed away. Steve was a terrific investor and deal maker.”

In addition to Murray’s work for CCMP Capital, he was also a strong supporter of the Make-A-Wish foundation, Boston College, Columbia Business School, the Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County, and Stamford Museum. In all, Murray was a successful CEO with a passion for charitable foundations and will be greatly missed.

Stephen Murray: Reputation is Everything

They often say that your reputation is everything in life. If you have a good reputation, it can really get you far in life. People trust you, take you at your word, and know you are good when you say something. When it comes to Stephen Murray CCMP Capital, private equity investor and philanthropist, he had a reputation that was second-to-none.

First of all, when it came to investing, he knew all the right moves. Investing, as we all know, is a tricky game. It can be hard to predict what is going to happen and how to react to what happens. You never know if you should sit still, move forward, or do anything at all. Sometimes the worst thing to do is to do nothing at all.

You might miss out on something. There is also the time when you do something too quickly and too rashly and you end up regretting it. When it came to Stephen Murray, he prided himself on having his pulse on investing. He had a great track record and always produced results when the time came for it. Some would even say that he had a sixth sense for it. That is why he was successful for such a long period of time.

When it came to his philanthropy work, he prided himself on always giving back and helping out those who truly needed it. It was a source of pride for him, but it wasn’t something he talked about or tried to leak to the media to make himself look good. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:

However, it was something he was very diligent about, day in and day out. He always thought what was the point of having money and great wealth if you can’t use it for something good. He looked at it as though it was something he thought others would do if they were in his position.

He was an optimist, kind, polite, humble, and always working around the clock. As president and chief executive officer of CCMP Capital, he helped them in many, many ways thanks to his experience. No matter what was thrown his way or put in front of him, he just seemed to know how to push the right buttons.

He was like a great coach in that way. He was a team player and always helped out his fellow employees when they had a question. Stephen Murray was never too busy for those around him or other people. His reputation is rock solid and will remain that way forever.

What InnovaCare Has To Offer

Medicare Advantage is a health insurance program for people living in the United States. The program covers managed health care, commonly referred to as Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) or Health Maintenance Organization (HMO). This program serves as an alternative to the Original Medicare: Part A and Part B Medicare benefits. Medicare’s Part A plan covers inpatient hospital services excluding those of physicians and surgeons. Part B covers physicians and surgeon’s costs in addition to essential outpatient hospital services such as Emergency Room, laboratory services, X-rays and diagnostics tests. It also covers for durable medical equipment and other supplies.

Medicare was established in the 1970’s and since its establishment, many beneficiaries have benefited from receiving Medicare benefits through private health plans. This is mostly done through HMO, which is an alternative to the Original Medicare. The Medicare managed program was named Medicare+Choice in the Balanced Budget Act of 1997. However, in 2003, the Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement and Modernization Act of 2003 changed its name to Medicare Advantage.

Medicare contributes to the private health plan a set amount of money every month to each member who is enrolled in the Medicare Advantage Plan. The payment plans are made under a bidding process, and the plans submit bids based on an approximated cost per member or enrollee. The amounts contributed vary in every county depending on the formulae established in statute by the county. The beneficiaries pay the difference between the benchmark and the bid if the plan’s bid is higher than the benchmark. However, if the bid is lower than the benchmark, Medicare splits the difference between the benchmark and the bid.

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There are a number of healthcare service providers who provide the Medicare Advantage plans in addition to physician practice services. InnovaCare Health is one of them. They provide managed healthcare services in North America. The center provides managed healthcare services through two main avenues: provider networks and Medicare advantage. InnovaCare Health strives to ensure that they provide quality healthcare through the creation of models that are sustainable, inexpensive and technologically advanced. The organization’s mission is to delimitate the healthcare provision and management to meet today’s complex needs in the healthcare environment. InnovaCare hopes to establish sustainable models of managed healthcare that focuses on strong patient-provider relationships. Some of the values the organization believes in include:
1. Quality medical care
2. Innovative medical care practices and networks

3. Growth

4. Teamwork

InnovaCare is currently being run by Dr. Rick Shinto, MD., who is the President and Chief Executive Officer. Before InnovaCare, Dr. Richard Shinto served as the President and Chief Executive Officer of Aveta Inc. Before that, he was a member of the management team at the company. Dr. Richard Shinto has more than two-decade experience in clinical and operational healthcare. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of California, a medical degree from the State University of New York and an M.B.A. from the University of Redlands. 

He is supported by Penelope Kokkinides as the Chief Administrative

Learn more about InnovaCare Health: